My Beautiful Curly Hair Children's Book

Kiana & Arya are a mother and daughter duo who enjoy reading. The story line for this book comes from Arya and Kiana's childhood experiences. 

How Arya and I Developed our Book 

"Mommy, why does my hair look different from the kids in my class?"

When my 7-year old daughter, Arya, asked me this one day, it pained me to see how upset and self-conscious she was of herself. I understood it too well because I also felt like that when I was young too. This is how the book, My Beautiful Curly Hair, was inspired. 🤗

This book is more than just about hair. As a woman and a mother raising two young daughters, it is extremely important to me that they feel empowered and beautiful as they are.

I wanted to create a book that had a diverse representation and that kids could relate to. I co-wrote this book with Arya as a way for us to deepen our bond and to help her build confidence. My other daughter, Thea, is too young to write but we made sure she made a special appearance in the book. 😉

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